Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm With the Band

This Kat has gone country, ya’all.

Since Colin moved to Nashville last July,
I’ve been riding Highway 59...SiriusLY.
(Not to be confused with riding Highway 95
which is definitely not as pleasant...SeriousLY)

I made the big change from
popKat to countryKat
because I want to be able to “talk” country music with Colin. 

Which means I should know the difference between
Jason Aldean and Jason Mraz,
Justin Timberlake and Justin Moore,
Miranda Lambert and Adam Lambert.

I don't want to be a dead beet mom
who just fell off a turnip truck...
(I think I just mixed my idioms and vegetables.)

So now I

Talk the Talk...

Walk the Walk...

Walk the Line.

I’m all in...
And ever since then,
I’ve been an itchin’ git my boots on,
sit shotgun with PaulA in a Ford 150 and
head down to the lake with a cooler full of beer. 

Yep.  I’m fixin to do it...
right after I finish this here sweet tea.
Git 'er done.


“I am with the band”...ya'all

the newly signed country artist, Dustin Lynch...
and his band of talented musicians....
namely my favorite bass player, Colin. 

"Play it guys."

The new single release: "Cowboys and Angels"

The band of all things was on their way from South Carolina to Foxboro, Mass...
and stopped in for a beach visit
on their travel day between shows.

I was sooo happy to have them visit. 
I was looking forward to showing them some of that

southern hospitality up north...
but I had a few worries...

And when I say worry..I mean I WORRY.
(note the caps.)

 Sometimes I can put the "worry" in worrywart.

“Where will the driver park the
45 feet long/13 feet tall tour bus?" 

A rig bigger than my past 3 minivans end-to-end.
(Thank God there was an end to those.)
And will he be able to get it through the small neighborhood streets
under power lines, and branches?

 No worries, Kat....
no sweat..we're talking professional tour bus driver.

So with a little northern hospitality...

the country band found out that
we do things a little different in this here...
neck of the woods....

Here we.....
eat chowda,
drink Sam Adams,
watch the Red Sox, 
pahk the cah  in Hahvad yahd.


pahk the bus in Kat’s yahd.

Stay Country, ya’all.


Sistersledge said...

Yee ha! Love that Northern-Southern Hospitality!

Chelsea Coleen said...

this post just makes me so happy!! so clever & funny. you look good with the band katwoman!! proud of colin boy! and i laugh every time i think of the tour bus parked in our driveway!! if wife of/son of lived behind us now they sure would be in for a real treat!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

now you're speaking my language! good to know you can differentiate between Miranda Lambert and Adam Lambert....i'd be a little worried, otherwise. ;)

Raven said...

um, you are like the coolest mom ever. seriously.

katOUT said...

@Jenni Austria Germany haha Sometimes I get them confused...have you seen how much eyeliner Adam Lambert wears? :)

B.Healy said...

LOVE it. The pictures are great... KAT should totally be the hip new singer :)

Tour bus barely fit in the driveway... glad "buffet" is a pro!

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