Monday, May 21, 2012

No Longer Blue

 I've never been a fan of grocery shopping...
although I'm not sure why...
especially when eating is my favorite activity.

Since I've become an empty nester,
my mantra for planning dinner in advance is:

No Schedule
No Hurry
No Worries

I like to wait until the frig begs for food...

or PaulA begs...
or whichever comes first.

But this past Sunday,
 PaulA had this wild idea about eating Sunday dinner...
so I made an overdue trip to our local Stop and Shop...
which could be your Wegmans, Schnucks, or
this little "Piggly Wiggly."

I was dreading the errand more than usual...
as over the past few weeks they
rennovated and rearranged their store.
Or as I think of it...
they threw everything up in the air...
and said,
"Go find it."  

Apparently there is rhyme and reason for their new setup.  
Their reason probably has something to do with keeping up
with the newer chichi markets such as
"Whole Foods."

My rhyme for Stop and Shop during their painful renovation:

"Stick to the basics,
keep the cost low,
we don't expect you to be "Whole Foods Pretty",
you ain't Rob Lowe."

Throughout the years, I have been a loyal Stop and Shop customer...
mainly because I'm lazy.
The idea of relearning where everything is located
comes with a learning curve
 that  is too steep. 
 I prefer my grocery shopping to be a coast...


As  I walked through our newly renovated Stop and Shop...
on a scavenger hunt for dinner
(which admittedly is easier than when I have to shoot dinner for our table)
 I noticed they kept the beer in the same place. 

But  something, this particular Sunday, looked very different about it. 
The beer was actually visible
and not covered by a curtain as it has been
for a million Sundays ...
because of old Blue Laws
"prohibiting thee sale of alcohol on thee Sabbath day."

Connecticut is no longer singing the Blue Laws.
woot woot

This Sunday, we raised a glass...

in honor of Governor Dan Malloy for
taking a pretty old law off the books

and in honor of Stop and Shop
for trying its darndest
to make itself look pretty...
ala Rob Lowe.

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