Monday, May 7, 2012

Kentucky Derby Fiesta (2 in 1)

The problema
with this past Saturday...
was that it happened to be
Cinco de Mayo
Kentucky Derby Day.
Two party days in one.

The Kentucky Derby: 
Fastest Two minutes in Sports

Cinco de Mayo: 
Fastest Two margaritas down the stretch hatch.

And with most holidays in America...
the festivities revolved and rotated around two activities..
booze and alcohol.

With 2 celebrations in 1...
you might have been (shit)
faced with some confusion as to which one you should celebrate.

You probably weren't sure

which amusing hat to wear...
sombrero or derby?

which alcohol to ply yourself with...
mint julep or margarita?

Or what food to stuff yourself with...
grits or  gaucamole?

But if you were like most people....
you took advantage of the situation and gave both celebrations 
a run for the roses. 
You  "smashed" them together into one GIANT celebration.
and drank  margarjuleps  ...
in honor of the

Kentucky Derby Fiesta.


After a grande day of derelict and debauchery...
it's  important to put away the seersucker and sombrero
stop screaming "I'll Have Another"...
even though it sounds like a winner.

"Odds" are you might be feeling like the
Day of the Dead...
but Amigo...
it is muy importante that you get
right back on that work horse this Monday morning.

ay caramba, ya'all


Chelsea Coleen said...

hahaha you are SO clever! this made me laugh out loud! i did not happen to see one dot of the Kentucky derby. ooooooooops. but i bet a horse won. adios!!

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