Friday, May 18, 2012

Final Word on Friends

Who has the final word on friendship?

duh....that would be
Mark Zuckerberg

(Mr. Hoodie Himself)

The influence of Zuckerberg's Facebook
has even turned our use of the word
which is  probably a good thing.

sounds too eerily similar to
(in Kat's world)

As the 900 million of us know...
when you become friends with someone on Facebook,
your friendship "status" shows up on your wall,
 or timeline
(get with the new program, Kat.)

"Kat" and "Jen" are now friends. 

(Jennifer fav "Friend.")

Is it me?
I think the friendship proclamation sounds silly...
but exceptionally comical
when your "new friend"
happens to be someone you've been friends with
for 20 years
or someone who shares your DNA.

I cracked up/split a gut/laughed my head off
the day  I saw the status on FB that my sisters.....

"Sister Sledge and Sistersludge are now friends." 

(Maybe it took all this time for Sledge to get over being pissed
the time Sludge "borrowed" her favorite jeans
without asking and returned them...
ala...cut-off shorts.)

The other day I suggested to an old friend (she's the old one)
that we need to make our friendship "official."
Big deal that we've been friends for eons...
              through thick and thin (she's the thick one) 
                    and stayed thick as thieves (she's the thief.)      
Apparently being life long friends is old school...sooooo
year 2000 bFb
...before Facebook.


It has occured to me that my brother is not on Facebook. 
And this concerns me.

ShoutOUT .....

"Yo Bro,
your sistas....
Sistersledge, Sistersludge, and katOUT are on Facebook. 

We may be related,
share similar DNA
unless we confirm it on FB,
         we are non-friend siblings.             

Get with the times, Bro.
This is year

2012 aFb...
after Facebook.

And to
Jen Anniston...
"Friend Me."

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