Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do you like the FB Timeline?

How do YOU feel about the new Facebook Timeline?

I think the new Timeline format SUCKS.
(For me to use the "S" word,
a word I despise,
I have to extremely "dislike" the new format.)

I find the Timeline confusing..
it makes archived data too easily accessible...
to stalkers.

Consider this my formal complaint.

I thought FB was supposed to be...
a social network for keeping up with friends....
not a dusty scrapbook of the past. 
Let's not turn Facebook...into a Crapbook.

A couple of weeks ago I received "the notice" from the Facebook staff
or maybe it was Mark Zuckerberg himself
(he's always trying to friend me)...
that my current format would be switched over to the new Timeline. 
 It.was. Mandatory. 

Where's the democracy in that? 
What about putting it out for a  vote...
like on American Idol...
after which Ryan Seacrest tells us: 
"America has spoken?"

Facebook gives you only 7 days to set up your new Timeline...
and hide the stuff you don't want found.
Every break-up, make-up, up. ..forever.
 Wake-up FB. 
Unless you are a computer whizz geek...
or God...
it's hard to do in 7 days.

Alright, already...I realize we don't own Facebook...
it's a Zuckerberg creation...
and maybe also the finkerbeans Winklevossssss
(who say they had at least a finger, if not a hand, in the initial concept) 
but I actually have not heard of one person who has said,

"Hot damn, the Timeline is where it's at."

(umm...okay, maybe people don't talk like that.)

Seeing Zuckerberg "Likes" change .....

How about he change the way he wears his hair? 

We will give him until May 15th and then after that
we will show up at his house
with a comb, blowdryer, and gel.


Maybe we could use the Facebook forum

to let the faces behind FB know how we feel about their Timeline? 
We could band together and start a
the overthrow of the Arab leaders last spring.
(Excuse me for this epiphany...but
if you combine country singer Darius Rucker 's first and last names ...
you would have a Ruckus.)


 instead of initiating a Ruckus...

(sorry Darius)
the 800 million or so users on Faceboook
could just keep on............

I think I'm hearing..
"America (and the rest of the world) has spoken."

Apparently, I should be resting my complaint.

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