Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On Target

There has been a sharp rise
in the number of teenagers and adults
interested in learning archery. 

And it all points to one target...


"The Hunger Games"

(That's a Bull's Eye, baby.)

Katniss Everdeen,
the main character in "The Hunger Games" book/movie, 
possess expert archery skills and an aim that is dead-on. 

Which comes in handy ...seeing in order to survive...
she has to fight other kids until dead-on
the ground....
until she's the last one standing. 

I've always been on point with archery.
My love for it goes back to my high school days when I took archery for gym class. 
 It was a welcome relief from the 4 weeks we were forced to
'do-si-do' with a sweaty partner.

Throughout 'The Hunger Games',
 Katniss demonstrates the skills of a true marksman.
Katniss Everdeen could be considered another William Tell. 
And interestingly (to me)...
they both have an apple affinity.

You remember Will Tell?
(Do tell, Kat.)
Old Story has it...William Tell shot an apple off the top of his son's head...
new story has it...Katniss shot an apple from a roasted pig's mouth.

As good as I like to think I am...
I don't think I could hit the broad side of an apple...

not even the desktop Mac.

But... I do posses the same intense degree of survival skills.
(That Katniss...gots nothin' on this Kat...
except maybe the "niss" part.)

My REAL skills, however, are most visible when I'm at the mall.
I'm an expert at endurance shopping .
(My biggest competitor might be bigC.)  

I've been known to be the last one standing at the end of an 8 hour shopping trip. 
Katniss can do damage with a bow and sharp arrow,
but this Kat is just as deadly with a smooth credit card.


This past Thanksgiving,
before I had my ravenous appetite for "The Hunger Game" books
or knew anything about them,
I purchased an archery set at Dick's Sporting Goods. 

The set was all-inclusive...complete with crossbow, darts, and inflatable deer target. 
 I thought it would be a great all-inclusive activity
to keep the natives from getting restless
while the Turkey cooked.

When our dear deer was fully-blown...
her resemblance to defenseless Bambi was uncanny. 

But we set her up in the backyard anyway...
regardless of how many times she batted those eye lashes at us.   

We then competed against each other...
for the coveted title: 

Top Deer Slayer.

When it was my turn...
I tried to channel my high school archery years. 
I carefully lined up Bambi,
(who had previously enjoyed a deflated life in a box)
through the crossbow scope...
and squeezed the trigger.

Luckily for Blow-up Bambi...each dart whizzed over her head.
But that was no surprise to me..
I was always taught to
"aim high." 

Uncle Joe proved to have skills...
and won the title
" Top Deer Slayer"

And  the prize?
nothing beats a "booze and weapon" combo.

I'm not giving up...

The next Target is all mine....

Let the games begin....

Doors open at 8 a.m. Thursday


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