Friday, May 4, 2012

GAStronomical Combos

You may have heard about Pizza Hut's
new pizza
with the hot dog stuffed crust.

Hot diggity dog...
bring on this new culinary combo.

I can't tell ya how many times I've said,
"the only thing missing from this slice is a wiener." 
Thankfully now it's actually embedded in my pizza.

Some of you might think pizza and wieners make strange wedded fellows...
but I am all in favor of their marriage. 
(I might even give the toast.)

One big problem though...
I've learned that Pizza Hut only sells the pizza+dog in the U.K.
Damn, those Brits...they get everything...
The Beatles, Prince Harry, Posh Spice and now this.

Not to be outdone  is  B.K. 
(not Ben Kingsley...who is the King among Bens)

but Burger  King. 
with it's new bacon sundae,

The bacon sundae is another gastronomical hit with me...
on any given day of the week...not just Sundays.

It's only natural that I have an affinity for the bacon strip.

It's in my lineage...

  my mom's maiden name was Bacon. 
"Hey Bacon, how about a strip?"

Now I'm wondering if Sir Francis Bacon...
the English philosopher and essayist...
is a distance relative. 
I'm actually feeling a smoked and cured connection with him. 
I'm often spouting out profanity profound philosphical remarks
on thought-provoking subjects in my blog.
(Note to self:   Find out what I need to do to get knighted.)


With 50 percent Bacon grease running through my veins..
it's not a surprise that I would go hog wild for the new bacon sundae.

I'm actually a proponent for the  baconization of the world.

And I feel the baconization finally beginning  to take hold. 
It might be with just a few bacon bits....
like bacon soap, bacon lip balm, bacon lollipops, bacon infused-vodka....
but hopefully one day
we will be fully immersed in bacon.  
Eventually l'd like to see all homes and buildings with bacon air systems. 
Can you imagine smelling bacon 24/7?

You gotta give  kudos to the foodie experts
who come up with these creative new combinations.
Two tasty GAStronomical combo ideas. 

I would say, however, 
the idea for the pizza/hot dog combo was more ingenious
than the bacon sundae. 

The bacon sundae was a no-brainer idea.

Everyone knows BACON goes with ABSOLUTELY everything.

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B.Healy said...

hahhaha i would actually like to try both of these things, even though i'm disgusted that i'd want to haha

watch out pb & j, bacon & ice creams is the newest duo!!! the salty-ness of the bacon is a perfect pair with the sweet and sugary ice cream!