Friday, May 11, 2012


The saying

"Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus"

also rings true
in the golf arena...
or should I say course.

When it comes to chasing the little white ball around...
the sexes are not only from different planets,
 but different golf galaxies.

To contrast and compare...
this is how their balls roll.....
(you know what i mean.)

During a round of golf.....

After a woman hits...
a quick and automatic compliment follows.
No matter how god awful her shot was...
women will find the silver lining in the dark cumulonimbus cloud.
They never want it to rain on her parade.

After her ball is found under a's deemed a great shot...

after all,
she'll get some needed shade under that tree.

After men hit...
and the shot is god awful...chances are...
ribbing will follow. 

Or ribbit" sounds...
if the ball is in the water. 

Men love to take the opportunity to rain on...or reign over your parade.

Venetian women
never want to be thought of as holding anyone up during a round.
Their natural born killer accomodatiing tendency is to hurry their play
 or allow "play through." 

Martian men...
never think they could be holding anyone up. 
Even the "slowest of slow" can't fathom the idea.
There is no way anyBODY is playing through...
especially if you are a BODY of women.

On both Mars and Venus...
conversation is taking place....but totally different subjects.

Women delve into a wide array of subjects,
from the "simple" to the "signficant"...
'recipes' to 'relationships.'

Men like to keep it superficial...
discussing what beers and cigars
they'll load up on at the turn.

Martian men will never play a round without a bet. ever.
It ain't a game unless something is on the line.
You can bet your bottom dollar...(bring plenty of them)....
there are nassaus, presses, and some junk
in that trunk.

Women don't bet on their game. 
You can bet your sweet life (or boots)..
their ain't nothing walking the line.

Martian men are extremely generous ...
when it comes to giving putts.
A 2-foot putt is "good" and  is given.

Women on the other glove hand are quite stingy...
a 2-inch putt is not "good" and not given.
(that's a given.)


At the end of the day/
end of the round...

Men's and Women's golf galaxies

The planets...Mars and Venus..

 morph and modulate

Planet Marenus.

On Planet Marenus....
both men and women enjoy

the 19th Hole

are always

up for another round.

bring it

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