Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Dorm Room Stranger

“Hi, I’m a STRANGER and
I’m your college roommate.
I’ll be sleeping in that bed, right over there …2 feet from your head.
If you’re lucky I will be normal, but chances are, I’m “left or right...of normal.”
Either way, you’re stuck with me for the next two semesters.”

Remember that first night in your college dorm room?
You and your roommate all squeezed into a size 9 shoebox.
Your parents left town…and you were left...
in a strange room...
to sleep in a strange bed, next to a strange person.

Eventually daylight winds down,
 and night falls over the shoebox.
As much as you want to stay can’t stay up all night.
It’s time to turn in......

You’re both in your twin XL beds...
then you politely say out loud...into the darkness:
“Good night, roommate (while thinking..."Goodnight whoever-you-are.")
You close your eyes...but can’t fall keep hearing the STRANGER breathing.
In and Out…In and Out.
(OMG…do you have to breathe so much?)

It seems unnatural to be sleeping in a room
 with someone you had never laid eyes on until that day.
But colleges have been throwing kids together for eons.
If you get lucky,
you get the perfect roommate situation…
someone compatible with you...
someone with similar music, study habits, and sleeping patterns.
But, unfortunately, similar similarities are NOT the norm.
The odds of a perfect roommate match? One in a million.
So good luck with that. 


Morning will eventually come to the shoebox...
and you'll (mostl likely) wake to find that you survived your first night in your college dorm room.
Your STRANGER roommate was not the strangler, after all.

Then it hits epiphany, of sorts …
Wait, Could I, too?


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