Friday, September 23, 2011

Dancing With the 'has-been' Stars

Are you watching DWTS…aka ‘Dancing with the Stars?”
Maybe you don’t watch the show.
Maybe for you “DWTS”…stands for “Don’t Watch Timeworn Stars.”

In case you live under a rock, under a different flag, or down-under…
the show gives passé, obsolete, moldy stars
an opportunity to resurrect their career in a dancing competition...
and to lose weight, by shimming off lbs.
Shake it baby.
(I wish I could be considered. I’m moldy with two left feet and love shakes.)

Ron Artest…aka Metta World Peace...
was the first “celebrity” to be given the quick step to the door
 and voted off the show.
The NBA player (who recently changed his name) has a reputation for brawls, fights, and tangos
with players, coaches, and fans.
It’s very interesting he chose World Peace for his name.

Ron Artest’s name change 
was definitely a PR move to increase his likeability factor.
Maybe I’d get favorable press in blogworld if I did the same.
KatOUT aka “Metta Great Blogger.”


I never vote on DWTS…but if I had voted this week, it would have been for Metta World Peace.
ABC should have never informed the public that his name was Ron Artest in the first place...
he probably would still be dancing.
("You should be Dancing"…sing it Bee Gees.)
Who could have said "no" to World Peace? Not me.
With the elimination of Peace, the show might be in total chaos.

From now on…I’m going to start voting on DWTS.
Seeing World Peace is no longer an option...
I’m voting for the other “celeb” with a name change…
Chaz…previously known as Chastity.

My DWTS vote is definitely for Chaz Bono.
“I got you Babe.”

Cha cha cha...
and all that jive.

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