Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day.
 An extra day off for good behavior. Woo hoo

I don’t want to labor you with extra I’ll keep this blog short.

I’m remembering a Labor Day with a pig.
I’m not calling anyone a porker… I'm talking about real bacon.

Back in the day...we lived in a wonderful neighborhood that got together every Labor Day. 
One year we decided to forgo the usual burgs and dogs...and roast a pig.
Believe me, it wasn’t my idea.
I wasn’t particularly excited about seeing a pig au naturale choking on an apple,
rotating over an open pit for 12 hours.
I’m pretty sure a few neighborhood kids needed psychological counseling after that day.


Our buddy, Lou, volunteered for pig duty for the Labor Day party.
He picked up the pig the night before (not in a bar, smart ass) and he put it in his bath tub.
Might sound cozy, but it’s not like he was taking a bath with it.
Theirs was truly a platonic relationship.

Lou, however, became unwillingly close and personal with his piggly wiggly friend when he slipped...
lifting the pig out of the tub...landing in an open bacon sandwich.

I don’t want to labor you with unneccessary details...
but a few more neighbor kids needed counseling,
after seeing Lou press the ham..

In the end...the pig roast, a true labor of love that Labor Day, was a success.
But I wouldn’t have anything to do with it.

When pigs the day you’ll see me eating Porky Pig.

Have a great Labor Day.
Go hog wild,
burger happy,
or hot diggity dog crazy..
and enjoy the last blast of summer!

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