Monday, September 26, 2011

Going Viral

Back in the day when something went “viral”, it was disastrous.
People ran for the hills.

It was definitely something you didn’t want to be a part of.

But these days “viral” is a good thing.

Social media virus = bring it.
Social virus = back it away.

The more contagious you are…the better.
That’s when you’ve created a social buzz,
and it takes on a life of its own, as it hums its way through e-world.

There are a few things that are an EASY antigen to going viral:
A laughing baby, 
a singing dog,
a rant from a lunatic,
a naked pic,
and anyone falling down or getting hurt.

Once you’ve gone viral…it's all about the stats:
How many views do you have? (please, hit me up.)
How many twitter followers do you have? (please, tweet me.)
How many friends do you have? (please "Like" me.)

If you get likes on Facebook…you’ve arrived.
Occasionally I’ll get a “Like”, but I’m usually related to the person doing the liking.
They better like me.
Maybe if Zuckerberg had a “Kinda Like” category,
I might get one of those.


Apparently there is a vaccine out there designed to stop the spread of Kat
and prevent my viral-ness.
Geez…what do I have to do to become contagious?
Or even get a “Like” around here?

Hmmmmm...great idea…

Post a video of myself on FB...
out for a naked walk
with my singing dog,
ranting Charlie Sheenisms,
bouncing a laughing baby
off the cement sidewalk.

Maybe then this Kat would finally go viral…..
Or hopefully at the very least…I would get a “Like.”