Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cereal Lover

I am a cereal lover. 

Not to be confused with serial lover...
Tiger Woods.

Isn't it amazing how much cereal costs? 
Oats and rice can't possibly cost that much to warrant the high price...
it's the packaging and advertising that jacks up the price of  Apple Jacks. 
And a cereal box, half full of cheap air...gets me jacked up.

I suppose I could save by choosing a generic brand. 
Heck, even Tiger Woods chose generic and was very willing to sample pedestrian.

Anyway, I've been known to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
I've tried to convince PaulA that a bowl of Cheerios is a great dinner idea...but he just isn't buying it. 
For some reason, he likes meat for dinner. 
Note to self:  invent a meat cereal for carnivores like PaulA.


My favorite cereal is Cocoa Puffs...the epitome of sugar cereal. 
Call me "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."

You might think that no one over age 11 is eating this sugary stuff...
but it's hard to resist the chocolate puffs...
especially when you get the bonus...chocolate milk, at the bottom of your cereal bowl.

I don't ALWAYS eat junk cereals. 
I do eat healthy cereals...if I add sugar. 
Some would say adding sugar defeats the purpose...
but I would say it gives purpose...and taste. 

I'm not the only cereal lover with a strong desire for sugar. 
The other serial lover, Tiger Woods, likes his sugar too.


Choose to be Happy said...

mmmm just reading this post makes me want to eat cereal. and REALLY makes me want to eat cocoa puffs. i get me cereal love from you. so for that i say THANK YOU!

also thanks for the non serial lover gene too :)

B.Healy said...

I have a strong love for cereal too! The best was when we were little kids and you would line-up all of the sugary yummy cereals on the kitchen counter. It was always the hardest decision of my day!