Tuesday, September 13, 2011

4th Blogiversary

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of Blog and Kat.
After 48 months, my dear blog and I are still together.
("You and me baby, we’re stuck like glue"…sing it Sugarland.)

I admit, there have been times when I thought about ending our relationship.
I could have strayed away and looked for something more meaningful…
or chose not to be tied down.
But when I thought of life without Blog…it seemed so empty.

Being in a relationship requires attention...
so it must be nurtured to remain healthy.
And with any relationship, you get back what you put into it.
Ours is a simpatico relationship.
With frequent postings, Blog has received my adoration, time, and attention.
And in return, Blog has kept me from the doldrums of laundry and house cleaning.
(I may have gotten the best end of the blog stick.)


I continue to explore our relationship, to see where it is going.
I think it's important to keep our relationship FUN and not so serious.
I want to keep things FRESH with new ideas…as there is nothing worse than stale blog.
So I look for different ways to put the "ZING" in Blog.
BlogZING...Ooh la la

On this 4th blogiversary, I still feel committed.
(And if 4 years from now, Blog and I are still together, you can commit me.)


I’m thinking Blog and I might even take the next step…and move-in together.
But there is NO way Blog brings the ideas... 
This Kat wears the pants in this relationship.


Chelsea Coleen said...

Oh my gosh Mom! Congrats on 4 years! That is truly amazing. honestly. It has always impressed me how you never run out of clever, witty topics to write about. I would have never started my own blog without YOUR influence!

Thanks for 4 years of making me laugh via blog. and 25 years of just being the greatest mommy EVER.


ps- the part about how blogging keeps you from laundry made me laugh :)

Breezy said...

You never fail to be creative or unique! Your blog is still funny and clever 4 years in the making! Way to go KAT! You definitely do wear the pants in the relationship!!


jozen said...

HAHA!!! love this post! i also love your "about me" section too! i was laughing out loud!

Anonymous said...

Four more years. Four more years. four more years...


Frances said...

Congats Kat! You're the blogging queen!

Hope all is well