Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahoy, Me Hearties

Just in case you weren’t aware…
September 19th is “Talk Like a Pirate Day”…
so today is seasoned for a salty blog.
Arrgh, even Twitter and Facebook be rampant with Cap’n Blackbeard talk.
Shiver me timbers.

This here foul Kat comes from a long lineage of plunderers and pillagers.

Meet me family...

a courageous band of seadogs and wenches.

Anyho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Talking like a Pirate is not hard.
Just takes some improper English.
And ye be a natural pirate talker…
if yer voice be hoarse from many a’ tankard of grog, and lack of shut eye.

So buccaneers, it’s easy…
ye just need to say in a gruff and salty voice,
“Ahoy there, lubbers.”
"Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen."
And instantly ye be talkin’ pirate.

Just be careful, ye sea rats….

…when ye be screaming to plunder for booty...
Remember this is 2011…
a saucy wench may have another booty in mind.

So….Don’t be scurvy scum. 
Join the fun
“Talk Like a Pirate."

yo ho ho...where's the bottle of rum?

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Choose to be Happy said...

is that REALLY a real day? if so.