Friday, September 16, 2011

Washed-up Soaps

Daytime soaps are a dying breed.
In an effort for a  Search for Tomorrow...their One Life to Live...
is coming to an end.
One-by-one, soap operas are getting the kiss-off...
 like the number of husbands Erica Kane has kissed-off over thirty years. 

As the World Turns...this was bound to happen.
The Young and the Restless aren't following soaps.
They want to follow real lives of real celebrities, real housewives.
Not the made-up lives of fictional people.

Apparently their Guiding Light is the almighty Reality show.
Big deal that a woman like Erica Kane has been married ten times...been shot at, spent time in jail....
Ho Hum...
especially when there are train wrecks in real life
trashing hotels, living with goddesses, and fist fighting.


My favorite soap has always been All My Children.
I still remember ditching work with a fellow co-worker to watch Luke and Laura get married.

We wouldn't have miss it for ANYTHING...
so we risked getting fired.
(Okay, it helped that her Dad owned the insurance agency we worked for,
and the show was televised during our lunch.)
I was never that stupid.

So like the sand through the hourglass, these are the Days of Our Lives.

We've come to the end of the Soap era.
Apparently Reality TV and Talk TV is where its at now...but that will change.
Eventually everything comes full circle.

Until that happens....

I'm thinking of brushing up on my Spanish.
I've seen some racy looking soaps on the Spanish channels that look interesting.

ay caramba!

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Choose to be Happy said...

i remember when you used to watch/record all my children!