Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Current Electricity

Thank you for returning to us.
Oh, we have missed you.

You stormed out last Sunday morning, without so much of a flicker of warning.
Things had been running smoothly; without interruption...
then bam.
You left us in a world of darkness.

It was hard to get used to our new life without you.
We felt despondent...
all our circuits had been broken.
We blindly walked around the house...unable to function properly...
unable to make meals...do chores...or even watch television.

We missed you the second you left.
Your brillant and perpetual glow lights up entire rooms,
 so your presence was greatly missed.

It hurt us that we spotted you in other places around town,
shining your radiant light for others. 
But we never lost hope that you would soon return to us
and end our darkness.


We are so happy that you have come back into our lives. 
Don't ever leave us.

You light up our lives.

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