Wednesday, August 24, 2011

That's Amore

Who doesn’t love Pizza?

It’s a well rounded food...
eaten round the clock...
sometimes with a round of beers.

It’s good for breakfast...eaten cold.
Great for lunch and dinner...eaten with a cold one.
Awesome for midnight snack....eaten cold, with a cold one.

But are you a true fan of the pizza pie?

How far would you drive for your favorite pizza...
10 miles...30 miles...1400 miles?

You are a true fan SLASH nut job if you would drive 1400 miles.
That’s exactly how far David Schuler drove...
from his home in Jackson, Mississippi to Town Spa Pizza in Stoughton, Mass to pick up 150 pizzas.
Apparently Jackson, MS has better grits and biscuits than pizza.
(Note to self:  idea: Southern Pizza:  Grits pizza with biscuit crust)

I’m lucky to live in an area of the country where there are a lot of good pizza joints.
My favorite is Pepe’s Pizza, which is 1 hour away in New Haven, CT.
I think 60 miles is as far as I would drive for a Za.
( But what would you do oo oo ...for a Klondike bar?)


He doesn’t eat all these pizzas himself...he delivers them to his sisters, nieces, and nephew who have also relocated to the Jackson, Mississippi area.
He buys the pizzas half-cooked, seals them in vacuum-packed plastic,
 packs them in coolers with ice packs. ..and then drives them back in his SUV.

That got me wondering....
How much do you tip the guy who drives 1400 miles
to deliver your pizza?

("Hey Schuler, here’s a tip for you... steal the pizza recipe and open up your own pizza joint.”)

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie,
that’s amore.

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