Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dump runs

I took 3 dumps last week and it felt so good.
Got your attention yet?
(Gee, the crap I have to write to command any attention.)

I happen to love all dump runs to the Landfill.
There is something so freeing about leaving waste behind.
I feel so much lighter after a major dump.


On my last run…I threw out a mirror (which had major potential for 7 years of bad luck.)
Luckily I’m of the belief that if you kiss a mirror before disposing it, you are absolved of all bad luck.
But just to be DOUBLE/TRIPLE sure of my luck quotient…I made-out with the mirror...
then tossed that sucker to Kingdom Come.

Damn thing never made me look good, anyway.

By favorite dump pile is the pile of defunct, kaput, has-been electronics.
We disposed an 80’s TV that had done its last flash dance
and respectfully laid it to rest, beside the other televisions.
Electronics like to be buried together...probably because they travel in the same circuits.


I have become a very careful and deliberate dumper...
especially after last summer’s mishap when I threw my car keys in the 5 ton glass bottle recycling dumpster. accident.

It proved to be quite the ordeal/scene/fiasco/pain-in-the-ass.
The attendant tried to help by raking through the sea of bottles and jars. 
Found car keys.
Not mine.
Unfortunately my extra set was safe at home....2 and half hours away.

After much time and expense...
(my car on a flatbed truck to a dealership,
a bumpy ride up front with the tow person and
new keys made)
I learned my dirty lesson.

Dirty Little Lesson: 
 Do NOT throw your car keys into a 5 ton recycling bin.

Gotta go now...I feel another dump run coming on.

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Jessica Wray said...

Haha. I really like the voice in your writing (I say anywoo 100,000,000 times a day).

Dump runs always remind me of my grandparent's house in Montana. They live on a dirt road that eventually leads to a dump (luckily the dump can't be seen or smelled from their house). When I was a little girl I used to stand at the end of the yard and watch people drive by with their truck beds full of trash and in some cases, treasure.

happy to have found your blog :)