Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laptop OUT sick

My laptop is OUT sick today.
Has a virus.
Caught a bug.  
Out of commission.

The reason I'm  able to post this blog is because I'm using my virus-free iPad.

I'm not sure exactly how the virus took hold,  but its symptoms were...
fatigue, lethargy, memory loss, and inability to connect...(to the internet.)
A nasty infectious bug wormed its way in and made a new home.  
I was forced to take my sickly PC to an expert for evaluation.

After the Computer Doc checked its vital signs and completed a thorough examination...
he sat me down to give me the news.....

Thank the Lord...the prognosis was good.

The Doc assured me that after comprehensive treatment and a short stay in his care...
the virus would be removed.  
(It's just gonna cost you ma'am...cough it up.)

I asked the Doc why PC's come down with viruses and Mac's seem to have immunity.  
He informed me that the dirty guys,who never wash their hands, target PC's...
because there are more PC's worldwide than Mac's.
So they are able to hit a bigger target by infecting PC's.  


I wish I could catch the people spreading viruses to otherwise healthy PC's.

I hope the perpetrators spreading these germs get a virus of their they  see how it feels.  
I would suggest the Asian flu..the  H1N1 virus...or a bad case of bed bugs. 
They should at least have trouble sleeping with themselves at night.

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