Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vice, Vice, Baby

With our economy in a downward dog position. …
we are spending less cashola on big-ticket items.
 Instead, we are indulging in small “vice” items such as beer, candy, ice cream, and lipstick.
Oooh la la

What better way to get out of a slump...than with a little VICE, VICE, baby....
beer, candy, and ice cream to the hips
and a little lipstick to the lips.

There is nothing like a new shade of lipstick to put a little color on our faces and put us in a good mood. Although PaulA might argue that beer can have the same effect.

A tube of lipstick is a cost effective indulgence...
and the sassy names given to them (after things like: food, drink, sex, and romance)...
add decadence.
You don’t know whether to eat them or date them.

You never see lipstick called “Red.”
More like: “Cherry Desirable” or “Cherry Tart.”
( scandalous.) 

I would love to work for L'Oreal and name different shades of could be fun:
Redneck Red,
One Hot Momma,
Lotsa Wine,
Blogger Blush,
 Kat Krush.

Back in Renaissance England days,
lipsticks were given names like: Rat, Horseflesh, Blood, and Puke.
And even “Smoked Ox”, “Chimney-Sweep”, and “Dying Monkey.”
(Honest…I can’t make this stuff up.)

Anyone at L'Oreal today suggesting “Puke” as a new lipstick shade...
would be smeared out of a job…likity split.
 (Note to L'Oreal... likity name for lipstick)


Whenever I splurge on a new tube of lipstick....I almost always buy the wrong shade.
After I get home with "Dolce Vita" and apply it, the color looks more like “Dying Monkey."
So I end up going back to the store for another shade.

My bathroom cabinet drawer is full of rejected “little splurges.”
I guess the upside is...I’m stimulating the economy.

Wait, I think I’m on to something....................

Women unite.
Together we can stimulate this economy…one tube of lipstick at a time.

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