Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tebow Time

What time is it?
It's Tebow Time.

Tim Tebow...
a former University of Florida Heisman Trophy QB,
and current Denver Broncos QB.

First and foremost...a devout Christian.

Some people wear their religion on their sleeve,
but Tim Tebow wears his on his face.

During his collegiate days he wore John 3:16
in black under his eyes.

After his last playoff win over Pittsburgh...
Tebow added some intringuing 3-16 stats to his record.
He threw for a season high 316 yards
and set an NFL throwing record of 31.6 yards per completion.
Whaaat? coincidence?
You make the official call.


Tonight the Broncos are playing the Patriots in the AFC Divisional playoffs.

Tom Brady, Patriots QB
known for his devotion to his model wife, Gisele.
Tim Tebow, Broncos QB
a role model, known for his devotion to God.

Tom Brady better watch out.
Brady might have his "A" game with him,
but not sure how that will hold up to Tim Tebow's "G" game...
miraculous play that results in a last minute win.

We all know God has more important things to do than meddle in a football game.
He couldn't possibly be up there rigging the game,
pulling out last minute wins for Tim Tebow's team.
Its not like God has money on the games.
BUT think again...
maybe St. Peter needs some new pearly gates.

The Media has brought a lot of attention to Tebow's sideline praying after a game.
Thanks to them we now have "Tebowing"

to add to our growing list of new verbs...texting, googling, blogging.

With Tim Tebow being thrown into the media spot light with talk of Tebow's
christian values...
I would bet
God feels like the winner...
and is up there
and LOVING all the attention.

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