Monday, January 16, 2012

Recline or Decline?

When sitting in the cramped quarters of a flying cattle car
aka airplane,
there comes a time when you must solve the
ass burning question.....

Do you recline or
decline to recline?

Survey Says
(recently published in USA today)

27 percent feel they have the right to decline
27 percent feel all seats should be non-reclining
17 percent feel it is rude
15 percent only when sleeping
13 percent depends who's behind me

This Kat is hell bent on reclining.

I realize not all body types are made to fit in the 2 by 2 airline seats.
Sometimes you can get a tall dude behind you with long legs.......
But that's NOT my fault he has tall jeans genes.


The great, great, grandson of Emily Post, Daniel Post Senning,
(He can't possibly be that great)
says he will "recline only if the person behind him is sleeping and has reclined."
Well, isn't that mannerly of him...
and very lucky for the person who is seated behind him.

If we aren't supposed to recline...
then make STATIONARY seats.

People can get very testy...and very testicle (if you are a macho man) over the issue.
Flight attendants have probably had to settle a lot of disputes.

To NOT recline is probably a nice courtesy...
like the old "Be Kind, REWIND" courtesy of the ole VCR days.
"Be kind, Don't Recline" ????
Unless the Airlines start charging...
this Feline
will continue to recline.

1 comment:

Jessica Wray said...

this is hilarious! I am a full swing, recliner... no questions asked. But I remember when I was little I remember my parents used to get mad at me for moving my seat back and forth back and forth.