Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Country Strong

“Jesus Take The Wheel”...
I’m hooked on country music.

You know you’re hooked
when you stay in your car to listen to the end of a song...
and you sit there...
to listen to the next three.  

For years and years, I’ve been a pop princess,
mmmbopping in my car. 
But my favorite musician/Colinboy moved to Nashville...
so I’ve changed my tune.

This Kat has gone Country Strong , ya’all.  Seriously.

And Sirius-ly speaking....
I keep my car radio tuned to Sirius Channel 59 The Highway.

I love listening to the lyrics to country songs. 
"They" say, “country songs tell a story.” 
And they do...A LOT of stories about drinking beer,
going fishing,
and riding in trucks with barefoot girls in cut-offs.

Hmmm....Never any songs about drinking punch,
going to the aquarium,
and riding around in Toyotas with girls in sensible shoes.

Then there are the country songs with lyrics that
hit you like a Hallmark movie and turn you into an emotional dishrag. 
The first time I heard the song, “Just Fishing”...
Trace Adkins had me hook, line, and sinker.
Before I could say, “catch and release me,”  I was reduced to fish chowda.

I don’t usually get emotional listening to pop songs ...
except the first time I heard
Captain and Tennille’s song, “Muskrat Love.” 

Hey, nothing turns on my tears more than
little mice in love...sharing their cheese.


On another country note...I have a suggestion.

Listen up ya'all for country artist, Dustin Lynch,
signed to Broken Bow Records. 

His new song, “Cowboys and Angels” was recently released to iTunes.

And I’m here, fixin' to tell ya...it’s hot damn good. 

Dustin is new to the country music scene with
an incredibly talented (and handsome) bass player,
my Colinboy. 

And hopefully...someday soon...they will be coming...to a city near you.
Yahooo...Mountain Dew


B.Healy said...

i totally got hooked on station 59 while i was on christmas break! country music is so good! and i'm totally on board for dustin lynch !!

melanie said...

gah i LOOOVE country music, especially in the summer

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