Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Captain Hits Rock Bottom

NOW, I know
why I've never been on a cruise...

it's not the thought of getting seasick.
it's not the thought of being trapped aboard with thousands of strangers.
it's not the thought of the extra lbs, from bellying up to buffet tables overflowing with food.


It's the thought of the ship going down....
hitting rock bottom..or some rock.

The tragic incident involving the capsizing of a cruise ship
sounded like a Modern day Titanic, but
without the iceberg,
without Jack, aka Leonardo DiCaprio, and
without Celine Dion singing the theme song in the background.

Last Friday the 13th (hmmm),
the Costa Concordia cruise ship crashed into rocks off the coast of Italy,
leaving a 160 ft gash, and rolling onto one side.

It was suddenly...
Man Overboard.
Every man for himself.
(At least that's what the ship's captain was thinking.
Heck, by the time the emergency alarm sounded,
the Captain was already safely on shore having a limoncello.)

All the while the scene onboard the sinking ship was confusion, chaos, and commotion.
The passengers hadn't even finished making a lap around the mile long dessert table
before they had to scramble for life vests and life boats.

I know how calm I would have been.
Not. very.
I would have been runing around like a Kat with her head cut off.

Whatever happened to
the Captain stays with his ship...
the Captain is the last person off...
the Captain goes down with his ship?
El Capitain must have been reading: "How to Save Your Own Ass"
instead of the mandatory book on "Passenger Safety."

You can be sure that when my ship comes in...
I will never step aboard.


Of course, Captain Cowardly Francesco Schettino isn't taking the blame for this incident.
He said he runs a tight ship....and it wasn't his fault.
Looking for any excuse...
he hit rock bottom with me...when 
he said something about...
the passengers aboard
had eaten enough to sink a ship.


sistersludge said...

His first explaination was falling overboard into the it's changed to falling into a life boat. What a coward.

Chelsea Coleen said...

HA! i was just going to say what Aunt sistersludge said! how he said he fell into the life boat! I also heard that as the ship was sinking, the song "my heart will go on" from Titanic was playing.... hmmm i'm going to pass on cruises...for now. or invest in a really intense secure life jacket :)