Thursday, January 5, 2012

THE Perfect Cold Patient

'Tis the time of year for catching colds.

I'm not a baby when it comes to a cold,
although I tend to moan, groan, and roll around in my bed.
I never take cold medication, not because I don’t believe in meds
but I don’t believe anything really helps,
except massive sleep.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with a cold...

When PaulA gets a cold…he soldiers on.
He gets up, goes to work, and marches through the daily trenches of life.
left. right. left. right.

When Colinboy gets sick…he makes sure it's the common cold...
and not something uncommon.
He immediately rules out diseases like necrotizing fasciitis through WebMD.

When Chelsea gets a cold…she looks for meds to relieve her symptoms.
She wants it over...and over now.
One trip to CVS, down the cold remedies aisle, and she is ready to go.

When Bri gets a cold…she never says a word...let alone complain.
Once she walked around with mono for 10 days
before she decided to show me her tree trunk neck.

Yes, the 5 of us are all different with how we handle a cold…
but if you combine them…we are the...

Perfect Cold Patient

Someone who…
doesn’t complain
soldiers on
rules out rare diseases
takes meds
and gets lots of sleep.


Since moving to Nashville...
Colinboy says
Dr. Jack Daniels
helps with cold relief.