Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Booking It In Da Club

A New Year

Four days into the New Year
and this Kat can't wait to git back in da club.

Woo hoo.
Bookin' It in da club...wit my peeps.

Tonight I have a book club meeting.
And by "meeting", I mean dinner and drinks.

We call our book group the Avid Readers and have been "meeting" for over 5 years.
We get together each  month at a different restaurant in town...
order dinner and drinks...
and may (or may not) talk about the book.

When I head out for my evening of clubbing...
I make sure my family is set for dinner.
(What can I say... I'm just that way.)

"Hey Fam, Book club is tonight.
You'll find some left-over meatloaf...somewhere in the frig.
Or if you're really lucky, a few slices of pizza.
Love ya."

We are a unique book club, so we play by our own rules.
(Why would we wanna be painfully average?)

Rule #1...
It is NOT mandatory to read the book.
(No one will call you out for not reading the entire book, or the first page.)
They won't diss you,
hiss at you,
or piss on you,
even if you don't remember the name of the book.

Rule # 2...
gab. gab. gab.
(gabbing and WINEing  ALWAYS encouraged.)

Rule # 3...
have a few many laughs.

Rule # 4...
confuse and/or irritate the waitress.
(This isn't a mandatory rule, but for some reason it just happens.)


Because of the holidays, we’ve missed a couple of months of clubbing.
So our meeting may run exxxxtra looooong tonight.

(Hmmm....what was the name of the book?)

If you read between the lines…
you know how much fun we are having
in da club.

“Off to book club, Fam.  Enjoy the meat loaf.
Love ya.”

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