Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Chelsea is 26 years old today.
Yikes, Where did the 9,490 days go?

Chelsea loves a celebration.
And doesn't hold back when it comes to her birthday.
The countdown started for her with her birthday month...
until her birthday week....
and now her birthDAY.
Six months from now, she will be celebrating her half birthday.
Now where does her enthusiasm for bday celebrations come from?
PaulA looked at me....duh?
I might have had a hand in turning her into the birthday queen.

I admit, throughout the years
I've enjoyed being conductor of the birthday party train...
with theme parties abound.
Climb aboard. Next Stop....
Pie-in-the-face Party.

We even managed to get PaulA involved.
He made a great Butler at her tea party...

and a great dead guy
in the jacuzzi at her "Who-done-it " Mystery Party.


Chels never liked cake for her bday.
A child of mine who doesn't eat cake?
That didn't come from me.
(This here girl like 'er cake.)
So I made ice cream pie with a rice crispy crust.

Back in the day, her fellow partygoers thought it was odd and would question...
"Where's your birthday cake?"
But she never minded. Chelsea always does her thang.

Chelsea was gonna have her ice cream pie...
Let them eat cake.

Happy Birthday, Chelsea.


Mary said...

I think I recognize the gal with the pie in her hand, shocked that she could actually do it! I know I have pictures of this party.

Your blog keeps me entertained - you certainly have a way with words!

Happy Birthday Chelsea and Happy "birthing" day Kathy.

Mary Jordan (Whitney's Mom)

aunt Jayne said...

LOL This was way cute Kat.
Happy B-day Chelsea.

Chelsea Coleen said...

so cute! you are the reason i love birthdays. and i hope i can make them just as fun for my future non existent kids someday :) LOVE YOU SO MUCH! thanks for giving me life mommy