Monday, July 25, 2011

Where's Casey?

I’ve heard of “Where’s Waldo?”...

but “Where’s Casey?”

For two weeks the media has been in a frenzy over finding Casey Anthony.

It reminds me of looking for Waldo in the “Where’s Waldo?” books I used to read with the kids.

In the Waldo books, Waldo travels to everyday places such as...
the beach, the airport, and zoo...
and the reader has to find him amid the crowded scene.

(I have since heard that within the scene “On the Beach” ...
there is a topless woman near the upper right of the page...with an exposed breast.)

Okay, get your Waldo books out...
(I’ll give you 10 minutes...but don’t forget to come back).


Where’s Casey Anthony?

Who the hell knows...and who the hell cares???

The Media has showed footage of a woman wearing read and black, with a blanket over her head,
running from a plane into a terminal.
Heck, that could be anyone...quite possibly a Georgia Bulldog fan.

Some think she has checked into a mental health facility in Prescott, Arizona.
Seriously doubt this.
Why would she willingly trade an institution with cons...for an institution with loons.
She’s crazy...but not that crazy.

Others say she’s in Palm Springs entertaining TV offers.
Quite possibly a possibility.
Palm Springs sounds like a better way to cap off a 3-year stint of staring at 4 walls.

Maybe those insistent on finding Casey are secretly hoping for a scene similar to the Waldo reveal...
Casey  Anthony “On the beach”.

The voyeurs need to chillax and wait awhile.
You know it isn’t long before we find Casey Anthony.
After being paid a large sum...she'll show up ...
in some magazine...with an exposed breast.
 She’s a fox.

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The Suburb Experiment said...

I guess I'm kind of glad she won't ever live a normal life because even if there wasn't enough evidence to convict her, she definitely had something to do with the death of her child. I just hope she doesn't profit from it, blech.


P.S. The exposed breast was legendary in 5th grade when those books first became popular. I guess I went to school with a bunch of budding voyeurs. Hee hee!