Friday, July 15, 2011

Gone Beachcombing

The Hot, Humid, and Heavy weather of this past week has finally gone out to sea. (Hooray)
I’ve decided to do a little beachcombing.
I have noticed, however, that combing the beach with my fine-tooth comb
is a very long and tedious process...
(Note to self:  look for a larger comb.)

Whenever our Fam combs the beach, we are on a mission to find sea glass.
For those of you unfamiliar with sea glass...sea glass is glass with edges that have been smoothed down by sand, rocks, and waves of the ocean.

If you get cut picking it ain’t sea glass. It’s broken glass.
Drop it now.

I’ve been asked by inquisitive and inquiry minds how sea glass gets into the ocean.
Well, inquiry readers...the main point of entry is through the boating community.
Drinking boaters (is there any other kind?) methodically and systematically consume large amounts of alcohol and then toss their bottles into the ocean.

In effect...the boaters and the beachcombers are each a part of the glass recycling cycle.
After the tumbled glass bottles of beer, vodka, and gin wash up,
beachcombers like myself pick up the sea glass and bring it home.
We have the boating community to thank for our lovely sea glass collections.


Whenever we find...4 different colors of sea, blue, white, and brown..
on ONE beach walk...we call that a grand slam.
Or as the boating community calls it...a good night of...
Heineken, Sky Vodka, Gordon's Gin, and Canadian Club.

This past New Years Day...I actually had 2 grand slams on one beach walk.
Woo Hoo.
Imagine what I could find with a larger comb.

Now where is my comb?????
I’ve got some beachcombing to do.


Kelsey said...

I love beachcombing! Idaho isn't the best for that though :) what do you normally do with it? I love sea glass, especially displayed around the base of a candle

annelise said...

I could think of worse ways to while away the hours! It's so pretty, isn't it? Here's to many grand slams this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I want to try this on our next beach trip :)

Torrie said...

We're headed to the beach in a couple of days, and I'm now inspired to do the same (the kids will love it)... Hopefully, we'll have a gland slam ourselves :).

angela said...

I have been off work for the summer and have spent almost every day meditating and combing our beach for beach glass. I have found some very lovely pieces of glass . Lavender ,blues ,pinks and even a rare red piece...My favorite has to be the broken china.
I think I have become a beach glass addict! My daughter says we have enough !I don't think I could ever have enough! it is all over my house.
Combing the beaches for beach glass is so calming and great rest for your mind.
In a few days my husband ,and friends of ours are planning a trip to Nova Scotia.I am hoping we can go walking on some beaches ...maybe even find some beach glass.