Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Headed South

When I had my children I understood they would eventually grow up and leave the nest.
But I just never thought about them flying the coup to a distant destination.

Moving across town....okay.

Moving to a neighboring state...well...okay.

Moving to a neighbor of 8 neighboring states....too far


We already have one chickadee with her own little nest down her brother has taken flight.

Colinboy has "left the building"......

Hit the dusty Interstate 81 truck route..

Packed his car with the bare essentials..
MacBook Pro, flat screen TV, some clothes, amp head,
and 4 bass guitars...
headed for Nashville.

Home to country music
New home to Colinboy

And I’m singing the "Gonna Miss my Colinboy" blues.

I knew this day would come...i just never knew it would come so quickly.

Don’t get me wrong/song...

We are very happy for Colinboy and wish him the world and beyond.
Momma bird and Papa bird are just gonna miss their song bird around the nest.

Good Luck Colin.
We hope you soar.


Chelsea said...

GREAT picture of col in the new car!!

this post made me smile. did you tear up? i am guessing YES. LOVE YOU MAMA BIRD

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness. My daughter is going to start pre-K in August and I'm already getting teary about that, I can't even imagine her MOVING when she's older. Oh gosh. I'm thinking about you!

Pat Mc said...

I feel your pain and joy-Good luck to Colin!

Tucker said...

good luck colin Boy!! love your writing Kat!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

thanks for visitng me the other day - I am late to return the visit :)

Torrie said...

Ahhhhh. I know it's a mixture of happy/sad, but I will honestly say- I dread that day (hey, that rhymed! :)).

I just clicked over to your daughter's blog and saw her post about it... Interesting reading both perspectives. Oh, how I love this age of blogging- and how cool that you both partake! (I was lucky to get my mom to learn how to *read mine!)