Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Logging Beach Time

There is an art to logging beach time.

Let me paint you a little picture:
First.. you need a smidge of time off
followed by a dab of good weather...
but the key stroke to logging beach time is the beach chair.

I have tried lying on a beach towel...which allows for maximum recline, but lacks comfort.
The sand gets pretty hard on the bod...especially after 5 or so hours.
Plus it's  hard to keep the sand off myself before I start looking like a sugar cinnamon donut.


A couple of years ago PaulA gave me THE grand dame of beach chairs...
a deluxe model with all the bells and whistles. Woo Woo.

It’s not your stripped down entry-level Ford of a beach chair. It’s a Cadillac. Or as I call it....

The Katillac.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their beach chair...
but the features of The Katillac work for me......

A sturdy frame to withstand a sturdy frame.

Wide bamboo arms that don’t burn my arms in the hot burning sun.

Pillow for my head.

Padded face opening that allows me to read while cooking myself buns-side up.

An ottoman to elevate my legs.

A drink holder for my apple juice.

A towel bar for my towel...der.

And a strap to carry it...over PaulA’s shoulder.

This beach chair has Kat written all over I did write "Katillac" on the arm.
But just because I have my name written on it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t let someone else sit in it
for a few seconds.

I have noticed, however, that no one else ever sits in The Katillac.
Hmmm...I don’t remember threatening anyone.
Was it something I said?


See you on the beach...

(Wait?  Was it something I said?)


Kelsey said...

OMG I want your chair!

I didn't even know a towel rack was *possible* not to mention a cup holder...

Next time I drag my strapless chair to the pool, I will be thinking of you and your chair with a strap!

Torrie said...

...seriously, a perfect chair :).