Friday, July 8, 2011

A Tweeting Pope

Holy Moses
The Pope is on Twitter.

Now the good word is coming from the Pope’s lips to his finger just 140 characters.
(which is especially good for Catholics with ADD.)

Last week Pope Benedict XVI tweeted from his iPad for the first time from the Vatican.
I guess that means the Pope gives Twitter his blessing.

Wait, The Pope has an iPad? What the heck?
Talk about Divine intervention.

The Pope’s first tweet...
"Dear Friends, I just launched
Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ!
With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI"
(Note to Pope Benedictus XVI:
you might want to shorten your name to Ben XVI to save on character space.)

Ya gotta think someone is tweeting for him.
 There were no typos...but then again why would there be...the Pope is infallible.

I wonder if Ben XVI has learned the ins and outs of how to retweet and use the symbols 
 @ and # (the hashtag...not be confused with hash browns or skin tags)
@katOUT #dumbjoke

I just hope he learns how to to posts twitpics and posts one of himself in his cool wheels...the Popemobile.

I love the Popemobile as much as I love Pope on a rope.


Like Judgement Day, we knew this Twitter day would come...
after all the Vatican already has a facebook account and a handy confession app for the iphone.
It was the natural progression.
The Pope probably figured if he didn’t stay with the times,
he’d be considered stiff and stuck back in the Middle Ages
next to all those other pope statues lining the hallways of the Vatican.

But here is my question...
Is Twitter uncool that everyone including the Pope is tweeting?????
Heck, even Duncandog has an account...which is definitely a sign Twitter is going to the dogs.

I think I better stop with the tweeting Pope jokes and start Following the Pope...
especially if I want to go to heaven.


Chelsea said...

that is seriously just so crazy! i dont understand twitter! and he has an IPAD!!? so cool.

and yes. i agree. popes gotta shorten the man!

Andrea said...

Hi there!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I am your newest follower and look forward to checking out your blog! Take care!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Thanks for stopping by my following you!

I don't even know how to "Tweet" but now that the Pope is on it...maybe I should too?!?!? LOL

Have a great weekend!