Monday, July 18, 2011

Clicker Training

What does a Black Lab

and someone taking an “accent modification” class

have in common?

They both get the clicker...during training.

This summer I was wondering what was in store for us when our neighbors brought home a new puppy
(and no visible or invisible fence or leash.)
Would it mean... Frequent visits from a four-legged fiend?
Frequent pee-pee spots in our lawn?

The first time Jack Black (that’s my name for him) came running into our yard, our neighbor called him
...and he actually obeyed.
Good Jack Black.

The owner told me that their lab had been trained with a clicker.
Did that involve electric shock therapy?
I was afraid to ask.


Coinkydinkly I read an article in the Boston Globe about a course that was designed to “neutralize” the Boston accent.
Students were taught to find the "Rs"...they had lost.
If they dropped an "R" while reading out loud...the teacher would click them...over and over.
Until they automatically self-corrected.


I hope the clicker, for both the students’ sake and for Jack Black’s sake,
didn't t involve electric shock.

Electric shock therapy isn’t very pleasant.

I know from when I was self-jolted by Duncandog’s invisible fence shock collar.
 Crazy thing is...I now have this Boston accent I can’t get rid of.

Aww Jack Black, you wicked pissah..stay out of my yahd.

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Anonymous said...

Where can i get me one of them clickas? I sure could use one! pattyo