Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter Blues

Snap crack bang. That wasn’t my bowl of Cocoa Krispies startling me this morning when I added milk…but something more alarming. With a day of 50 degree weather… our house, aka the ice house…is beginning to melt.

With every increase in degree…our home sounds like it is under attack from enemy fire. I jump and run for cover every time I hear a bang, but alas, this lass’s ass isn’t grass…it is only the sound of ice melting and sliding off our roof.

This has been a crazy winter. Every time we’ve turned around…we’ve had another 10 inches fall on our heads, roads, driveways, and sidewalks. Hopefully, we’ve reached the end of winter madness.

The mounting snow accumulation has caused a surmountain of problems. (Sorry, love to make up words) And the cold temps haven’t allowed for melting between snowstorms. Without a snow rake and huge pair of kahunas…to clear off your roof…you run the risk of a collapse or leak.


Not everyone is singing the “I Hate the Freakin Winter/Snow Blues.” There are some that actually dig it…namely…snow plowers, body shops, and roofers. One man's another man's cash cow.

When last year our plow guy didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of turning a profit...things certainly have turned around. As my mom would say: “That fellow is making money hand over fist.” He must be eating high on the hog now. Last winter he was eating somewhere near the tail. I know this because…I got his bill last week.

The numeri storms increased fender benders two-three-multiple-fold. It is especially scary/frustrating when a plow backs directly into you…and nothing stops him from coming. I know this because…I tried honking.

The roof repair people are shingling with excitement over the amount of work they have now. Their work load is through the roof. Yo. Yo. I know this because…after a certain age (especially 50) most people have snow on the roof.

With warmer weather in the forecast this week…I will be running for cover as I’m startled by the ice melting and falling from our roof and gutters. I know this because…I am dramatic.

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CCH said...

haha! this post is great and oh my gosh go Mom, your blog looks GREAT!!!! lovin it!!