Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tiger Spit Fire

Shame on you Tiger …spitting in public…spitting on national television. Who do you think you are? A baseball player?

Spitting in public is just plain gross. You wouldn’t catch this Kat exhibiting bad manners. I’m no Emily Post but I’m pretty sure “no spitting in public” is on the list, right before “no 'f'-bombs during a golf tournament," and after “no farting out loud.” (I think Tiger may have been fined for previous 'f'-bombs.)

Apparently Tiger was having a bad day and stinking up the course at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic. While playing the 12th green, he spat (ugh) on the green before he putted. I couldn’t tell from the video if it was a minor spit…like a spit of rain. Or he coughed up a major Loogie.

(Note to self: Why does the word “spat” sound grosser than “spit.”

I do understand Tiger’s frustration. He was having a rough golf tournament…missing fairways into the Dubai Desert…and 3-putting greens…a la Katgolf style.

But this is golf, ladies and gentlemen. The Game of Etiquette. The Game of Decorum. And spitting is very offensive to the Middle Eastern culture. The European Tour had no choice but to fine him. That’ll be $4,000 for that 4 mm of saliva.

During the televised golf tournament, the announcers made a comment about the disgusting possibility of a golf ball rolling through Tiger’s saliva…but no one ever mentions anything about handling a baseball after C.C. Sabathia has spit all over it. Spit and Rub technique. Go figure?


Tiger apologized…thru Twitter…the 2011 way to say you’re sorry. I’m sure Tiger didn’t mean to be rude. But his behavior conjures up spitting images of other athletes exhibiting bad behavior…Serena Williams, Latrell Sprewell.

Since Tiger’s sexcapades with 14 different women...there has been a lot of Tiger bashing. I think we should give him a break and pull him off the rotating spit of condemnation.

Hey…Tiger may have fired off "f"-bombs and spat on a golf course…but it’s not like Tiger ever had an infartion on a golf course. (To my knowledge.)

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CCH said...

tiger needs to get it together!!!