Monday, February 21, 2011

And the Grammy Goes To:

And the Grammy Award for Best New Artist goes to: Esperanza Spalding.”

Wow. I have to admit when I watched the Grammy Awards and heard the name “Esperanza Spalding” and not “Justin Bieber”…I was in total shock.

Bieber seemed like a runaway, a walkaway….a shoe-in. He was having a banner year…selling out concerts…#1 hits on the radio…a self-promoting, self-absorbing movie about him. It only seemed natural that the apple cart would keep cruising down Easy Street…and the Award would follow.

So the Esperanza win over The Bieb came as a HUGE upset. Upset…because her win was totally unexpected. And Upset…because Bieber fans were sooo upset…their baby bellies were feeling sick. They were so disturbed that their apple cart was upset…they put out death threats on Esperanza.

Yo stupido pint-sized Bieber fans…it isn’t her fault. Blame the people who vote.


They say that after the Grammy’s the scans for Arcade Fire went up 95 % , for Mumford and Sons up 99 %...and for Esperanza Spalding up 243 %. Yikes. Apparently no one knew who she was.

But alas…I did. I was familiar with this jazz bassist/singer because she went to Berklee College of Music and taught when Colinboy and the guys in Dear Havanah were there. She is the first jazz artist to win the award. This Kat likes razzmatazz and all that jazz.

So grow up Bieber fans. Grow up and get over it….and I would venture to say…that over time, you’ll just plain grow up. You’ll have to…What are you 12 or something?

And hopefully one day…another dream can be realized….
"And the Grammy goes to: Dear Havanah."

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CCH said...

did you hear the biebs cut his luscious locks off?!?!