Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walk Like an Egyptian

It finally happened. Egyptian President Mubarak finally stepped down...after he was OVERTHROWN by the Egyptian people.

First: I find it interesting Mubarak was even called a President. What President is in office for 30 years? Most times…Eight is Enough….just like the old television show.
Second: What took Mubarak so long to see the hieroglyphics were on the wall...and his gig was up?

Apparently Mubarak’s gig was too good for him to give it up. He was used to living in sheik heaven and in the lap of luxor. (Note to self: check availability at the Luxor in Vegas.) The sheik didn’t want to leave behind his Egyptian sheets. I understand why. Egyptian sheets are the King of Cottons.

Mubarak’s initial refusal to step down…led me to the realization…some people have a hard time taking the hint that it is time to move on. Apparently Mubarack wasn’t get the message that it was time for him to put his camel to bed…and walk like an Egyptian…toward the door.

In order to get Mubarak to hit the dusty desert road…it took a racket, a riot, a revolution…by the Egyptian people. A revolution organized on Facebook. Mark Zukerberg could not have known his social network at Harvard would grow into a big pharaoh deal and become something that could bring down die-nasties.


There are those that know when they should get out of the game, before it gets ugly. Apparently even Kenny Rogers knows when to hold, knows when to walk away…knows when to run. But Mubarak is not one of them.

That got me thinking…….

It’s been 3 and a half years…and I’m still blogging. Hmmmm…maybe I’m another Mubarak and my readers are close to their breaking points…like the Eygyptians were with Mubarak after 30 years. It might take one more blog post …before I break the blog camel’s back…and they go crazy with nasty comments and a Facebook campaign to end my madness.

I better start checking Facebook to make sure there isn’t something brewing.

Should I hear…Ay oh whey oh…in the distance…I know I’m in trouble.

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CCH said...

haha, isn't that amazing they organized through FACEBOOK?!

don't quit blogging! U love it too much and heck it runs in our blood! hehe :)