Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Social Network

We watched the move “The Social Network” last Friday night. It was PaulA’s first time. My third. I could easily watch that movie a fourth time…and I never ever repeat movies….although I do repeat myself. I have been known to repeat myself.

How did the movie make you feel about Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook? The movie shows him possessing many positive qualities…extraordinary intelligence, ambition. But he isn’t shown in a positive light. Arrogant, insecure, socially handicapped. I wonder what Zuckerberg thinks of the movie? Maybe a billionaire 12 times over doesn’t give a lick…he gets the last laugh.

There were many aspects of the movie that I liked…the acting, the familiar scenes of Cambridge, insight into the creation of Facebook. But I absolutely HATED…the portrayal of young women. Except for the young lawyer and Zuckerberg’s ex-BU girlfriend…every other young woman in the movie was either a clinger, a drunk, a sex addict, a drug addict, a whiner, a moron….or the ultimate combination…a psychotic whiny drunk sex-addicted bimbo. WTH? What the Heck?

The young men in the movie, on the other hand, were shown as intelligent, sharp, athletic, and goal oriented. WTF? What the Farce?


I discovered that PaulA and I had actually watched the movie on Facebook’s 7th birthday…which was February 4th. So I got to thinking about the world 7 years ago. OMG…It was a different world. Where would we be without Facebook? We have Mark Zukerberg to thank for our social network.

Without Mark and his Facebook…we would actually have to face our friends. We couldn’t have hundreds of friends that we kinda know. It would be hard to poke each other without getting slapped. When we wanted it known that we are ‘single’ or ‘in a relationship’ …we would have to wear a billboard around our necks….or a ring around our fingers. And we couldn’t blurt out: What’s on our mind."

Facebook has made a huge impact on entertainment, commerce, advertising, and politics. Obama and Sarah Palin might look like they don’t have much in common…but they both have used/abused Facebook. The Eyptian protesters even used Facebook to organize rallies. WTD? What the dealio?

7 years ago before Facebook…I had a few friends. Now thanks to Mark Zuckerberg…I have 27.

Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg.”

Ps. My favorite line from "The Social Network" is when Zuckerberg calls the Winklevoss twins… “Winklevii.” Cracks me up.


Brianna said...

I have yet to see the movie but dad told me I'd love it! I'm just not too sure because I've heard about the quote "Why do you need to study? You go to B.U." and you and I (and all 30,000 BU students, grads, and parents) know, this AINT THE CASE MISTER ZUCKERBERG

Calmly Chaotic said...

Just stumbled on your blog. I've only seen the movie once but I would definitely watch it again. I do agree that the movie portrays him as hugely ignorant, somewhat of an ass and highly intelligent at the same time. Almost so intelligent that he doesn't realize that he is socially incompetent.

CCH said...

funny! saw that movie too, did you know the twins are played by ONE actor!?

i think mark z doesn't mind it...hmm did you see him and the character who plays him on Saturday night live together? if not hulu or google. love you mama!

Frances said...

CCH- I had a feeling the twins were played by one actor!

I thought the movie was OK but not Oscar worthy

Frances said...

CCH- I had a feeling the twins were played by one actor!

I thought the movie was OK but not Oscar worthy