Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV- A First

Give me a B
Give me an O
Give me an O
Give me a Hoo
What does that spell?
Boo Hoo!

Did I hear cries during Super Bowl XLV...or was that you crying over a spilled nacho plate?

Super Bowl XLV made history. It was the first Super Bowl in 45 years without cheerleaders on the sidelines. The Steelers and Packers are among 6 NFL teams that don’t have professional cheerleading squads to cheer their teams on to V-I -C-T-O-R-Y.

The Dallas Cowgirl cheerleaders did poney up and offer their services (ooh yea)..but their offer was turned down because they didn't have an affiliation with either the Packers or Steelers. If they wanted to perform, they were told: "Kick it outside, Cowgirls." (Probably the first time any one of them was ever kicked to the curb.)


Did you feel cheated out of the full football experience at this year's Super Bowl? Without the cheerleaders doing their thang...what would a fan watch between plays? There were no pom poms, no cheers. no claps. No grinding, no booty, no booby.

And what was the cameraman to ‘shoot’ right before going to commercial?...A little boy and his Dad smiling? The cameraman would have gotten more entertaining shots of grown men drooling...if the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders were allowed to perform.

Some say that scantily clad, gyrating cheerleaders distract the fans from the game. One player was quoted as saying that they don’t need “eye candy” at their games. But I hear they do need a good gyro. Yum. Yum.

There are others who say cheerleading is a part of the game and it adds to the atmosphere. They say showing half naked women is not the least. And least is best. Cheerleaders are an American tradition. Apple pie. Fourth of July. Hot Cheerleaders. Who are we to mess with a slice of Americana pie?

At least the Dallas cheerleaders were allowed to cheer outside the stadium: That’s alright. That’s okay. We’re shaking booty, anyway.” I wonder how many were late getting to their seats...because they were watching the shake and bake outside.

Go. Fight. Shake. Shake. Shake.


Frances said...

What did you think of Christina Aguiler's performance? I can't believe she messed up the words!

Brianna said...

This made me laugh a lot :)

Brianna said...

This made me laugh a lot :)