Thursday, February 10, 2011

National Botch/Blunder/Blooper

By now you had to have heard. Heard what happened to the Mickey Mouse Clubteer…turned mega recording artist...turned movie actress…turned blonde…..Christina Aguilera (aka Xtina) at this year’s Super Bowl.

Even if you weren’t into the Super Bowl because your favorite team didn’t make it. Even if you were watching a MOVIE (ahem, Wishy) instead of the SUPER of Bowls…you had to have heard that Xtina messed up the words to the National Anthem.

And it appears the blunder is something that Xtina can’t live down. It has taken on a life of its own...and is currently walking down Rodeo Drive. Her flub has become fodder for late night comedians…the talk of talk shows…and banter for bloggers.

The Super Bowl is a LIVE event and anything can happen during a live event. Your clothes could suddenly fall off exposing yourself to 100s of millions of people. Oh Say We Can See. YOWSER.


As a fellow national anthem singer (okay small potatoes) I would never jump on the Xtina bashing bandwagon. I know what it is like to stand in front of thousands of people …and I’m not a professional. (Although I do play one on TV.)

It just goes to show you how difficult the song is to sing. So in effect, Xtina’s blooper brings more credit to the fact that I haven’t (yet) screwed up the words over the past 10 years. (Never say “never.” It’s the sure kiss of doom.)

Fergie commented that Xtina’s mess up was probably due to nerves….I doubt it. Xtina has been singing in front of people since she was Christina. It has to do with the nature of the song. The words to the national anthem just don’t roll off your tongue like poetic words to songs like: “I wanna be a millionaire, so freakin’ bad.”

The national anthem is about ‘ramparts’ and ‘rockets’ and ‘gleaming’ and ‘streaming’…one missed word will send the anthem singer careening in another direction. Francis Scott Key could have made it easier on us all and chosen simple words that are easier to remember…like…"boom boom pow…gotta get-get.” Apparently, the Black Eyed Peas hit the scene a couple of centuries too late.

Unfortunately there are no do-overs with the national anthem. That is what is so scary about it. There are no second and third chances like Bill Clinton has had over the years. Clinton is King of Do-Overs…but has nothing on Trump…the King of comb-overs.

If I could give Katvice to Xtina, I would tell her… “Practice does make perfect.” But not the standard practice. I have found the best way to practice the national anthem is to sing the words while thinking of something entirely different…so the words come to you automatically. For example, think about: what you’re doing this weekend or your next meal. I know if I can sing the entire song without...slipping in my lunch order…I’m good to go.

I would be happy to help Xtina before the next time she performs the national anthem. Does anyone have her number?

"O’er the land of the Frito and the home of the Buffalo Wings."

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Frances said...

Lets find Xtina's number and give her your advice!