Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thank You, Jennifer Lawrence

And the "Thank You" goes to

Jennifer Lawrence

for tripping up the stairs 
on her way to pick up her Oscar 
at the Academy Awards….

 making us feel like
"movie stars" are 
"regular" people.

Not only did Jennifer win 
"Best Actress"
in my book,
she won the
 "Best trip up the stairs and I'm embarrassed to get up" Award.

When I saw her on the stairs…
I could relate…
put myself in her gown.
Maybe not as "Best Actress," 
and not in that gown,
 but I could totally trip up the stairs.  
I've actually done it countless times.

Back in the day... 
during my freshman year in college 
Our dorm floor handed out awards at the end of the year.
  The awards were decorated paper plates…
with a simple description for each girl. 
"cleanest" girl
"dirtiest" girl 
(you know what I mean)

I was the recipient of the 
"Klutzy" award. 

 When "they" handed me the award, 
they said I had the 
"unique talent of tripping up the stairs."
 Hey, it does take a special ability and 
the award was hard earned.
If I tripped going down, 
I would have won 
"Most Broken Bones" Award 
which would have been sooo much easier to win.  


Jennifer Lawrence 
(although very deserving of her award) 
was probably lucky she didn't have 
The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep,
 as competition this year.

And I'm just saying...
I could have given
some stiff competition in the 
"Klutzy" category.
Just saying.

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