Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hostess with the Most-est

Hostess lovers can relax...
Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Ho Ho's  
live to see another shelf 
which by some calculations  is at least 60 years.

Four months ago,
(after facing a Host ess of problems)
was forced to
shut down its production 

which caused massive
Twinkie Hoarding.

you're gonna need a bigger cubicle.

But alas...
Twinkie Lovers Rejoice.
The company that bought
Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
has also bought

Nothing like a PBR to wash down a Ho Ho.

PBR and a Ho Ho...

sure will give new meaning to 
"Hostess with the most-est"


You wouldn't find me hoarding a Twinkie.
There is another 
snack that takes my cake.

I have an ultra affinity 
for the Devil Dog...

which goes back to my elementary school days.  

I frequently found the little devil 
rolling around the bottom of my brown-bag lunch.  
Thank you mom.

Each creme-filled chocolately dog provided me 
with all the daily vitamins 
that have helped me to grow into this 
that I am.

Woah, wait a minute...
something just occurred to me...
the answer to why I blog.

I have asked myself "Why" 
for a few years now
and today the answer comes to me...

"The Devil made me do it."

Viva la Devil Dog

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