Thursday, March 7, 2013

Papa Joe - 3.07.01

Today marks the 12th anniversary 
of the passing of Papa Joe…
a deeply spiritual man 
whose personality, strength, and love  
is truly missed.

No matter how much you've prepared yourself,
 it is always hard to lose a parent….
one you've looked up to, 
learned from,
 and loved for so long.

And so..
in dealing with grief…
we look to our faith to bring us solace …
to help bring us comfort.


I'm remembering this day 12 years ago 
when Papa passed away
and the extreme sadness we all felt. 

I remember walking into Chelsea's bedroom 
when she wasn't there 
and noticing how "Big C" …
who was 15 at the time,
had her Bible, rosary beads, and picture of Papa 
out on her bed.  

At age 15, 
and being a typical tired teenager,
attending Sunday mass every Sunday 
was very much in competition for 
extra morning zzz's.
this day 12 years ago…
it was 
her religion, 
and shared understanding 
 of her grandfather's faith 
that helped her through this difficult day.

Papa, we love you 
and miss you.


Chelsea Coleen said...

i think at that age, for a child to react that way, they must have some really great parents. and i sure did :) :) :) hope im just a good of a role model!

Young and Fabulous said...

i loved this! and got chills reading about how chelsea had her rosary and bible an photo out. LOVE THAT GIRL and her heart!

i can only assume Papa Joe is hanging out with my papa John who passed almost two years ago..just being amazing men looking down on us here :-)

thinking of you all!

Anonymous said...
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