Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting the Last Laugh

"They" say laughter is the best medicine
and I agree…
except when laughter 
gets you a fine or 
lands you in jail.
That just isn't funny.

There is a 42 year old man from Long Island 
who was charged for 
"disturbing the peace" 
because of laughing...
in his own home. 
He could get fined 500 dollars or get 30 days in jail.

He admits he frequently breaks out into laughter 
from his bathroom window 

as he calls it... 
a "hardy giggle."
(weirdo alert)

His laughter was making his neighbor mad
in many ways,
 so the neighbor called the cops.  

The cops have been called different times 
throughout the years...
so there is probably more going on between them.
There's probably a score to settle
or old grudges festering 
over things like...

not returning a chain saw,
the backyard chicken coop,
 loud music late at night
(but enough about how I irritate the neighbors.)

It will be interesting to see who gets the 
last laugh.


I admit it….
I, too, have gotten "in trouble" for laughing, 
but thank goodness...
no fine or time for me.

When I was in college, 
my friend who lived next door in the dorm 
frequently complained about my laughing. 

It's not like I was laughing 
for no apparent reason.
I had good reason…his name was PaulA.  
PaulA always had me in stitches whenever he visited.   
(btw-I still have that white with blue gauze shirt.)

I had no idea how she could hear me laughing 
through the walls.  
The dorm room walls were as thick and solid as 
those of a prison cell. 
Apparently my laughter could permeate concrete.

Now that I think about it…
it's really funny ...
how much my laughter bugged her.

now I'm cracking myself up.

I love getting the 
last laugh.

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Frances said...

this one made me laugh :-)