Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No Pope Today

The First Conclave Has Spoken. 

The first round of balloting has taken place today, 
ending in black smoke 
up the chimney of the 
Sistine chapel

...signaling to the outside world…

no pope for you.

In order for a new Pope to be elected 
there must be a 2/3 majority… 
that is, 
77 out of the 115 cardinals,
 have to agree.

Let's just hope the cardinals can come to an agreement 
easier and faster 
than our politicians in Washington.
the cardinals will be spending 
lots of hard time conclaving...
we shall remain POPEless.


I don't think there is an obvious front runner 
for the next Pope. 
 Will he be African, American, Canadian?

Seeing March Madness begins next week,
 I think it is only fitting that we talk bracketology
to help us figure this out.  
Just as with basketball,
 there are some years when
 it is harder to pick the
 obvious front-runner.   

Will a sleeper cardinal pull off a major upset 
and be elected pope...
and shock everyone?
Stay Tuned.

You gotta love Pope Madness, folks.

The Sweet Sistine

This particular bracket has the
 cardinal from Nigeria 
elected POPE.

So who do you have going to the 
Final Four?

I just hope the winner…
whoever he is...
gets to cut down a net
before he starts his new job.

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