Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello, Anybody home?

The home phone
is becoming a dinosaur...
"The Telephonosaurus"

and we don't have the ice age or asteroids
 to blame on it's extinction.

Now we all own 
cell phones 
that ring
Bruce…Beiber…or...Beyonce tunes 
in our pockets or purses.

I remember back in the day
when our phone at home would ring 
and we'd jump to answer it…

had to know who was on the other end. 

And if it wasn't for you,
 you'd yell 
(hey, who ya calling a so-and-so?) 

Then you'd stretch the cord as far as it could go 
to get another 4 inches of privacy.

And whenever you heard:
 you'd break your neck or stub your toe
 to get to the phone ASAP.   
With long distance calls there was no dilly dallying.
  Extra tick tocks on the clock were costly.

I didn't get long distance calls…
until I met my boyfriend, (turned husband) 
Nothing was more exciting than hearing: 

  Knowing that PaulA was breathing on the other end 
(okay, not scary heavy breathing) 
I'd drop whatever I was doing, 
run through the house, 
jump over the dog,
 and grab the phone.  

Our home phone rarely rings these days.
I would venture to say, that is the case in most households.  
And usually the person calling your home phone
 is someone you'd rather not hear from,
 let alone break anything for.   
Let it ring.


I also remember calling home from college…
which meant using the pay phone 
on our dorm floor.  

One phone was shared by 
30 girls on the same 
"call home on Sunday" schedule.

We would all have to wait and take turns, 
and wait some more…

It's sounds crazy when I think about it now.

And when it was my turn... 

I found a way to settle in. 


Sistersledge said...

This is so funny. And I remember this picture! You are so cute! Natalie and I were watching the Brady Bunch the other day and Marcia took the receiver into a closet to talk to a boy in private. The cord was really long.

Sister Jayne said...

I remember this picture too. You were (are) adorable. Also remember the Brady Bunch episode sistersledge! Love you sistas. Jayne