Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

On New Year's Eve
we managed to 
trip the light fantastic….
a little gangnam style.
(even at our age)

After a nice dinner out,
we watched the ball drop from the safe confines of our 
toasty warm home.
Far from the hub bub 
and cold rub with
the knuckleheads in 
Times Square.

But even with all the wild and crazies
rubbing elbows and extras 
in Times Square 
there was one less Dick


(amazing how spacing and format 
can totally change the way something sounds.)

We had to ring in the New Year 
without our favorite Dick
because he passed away last April.

It was the first 
New Year's Rockin Eve in forty years 
without our Dick
but we still had our Ryan.
(Although Ryan doesn't have the same ring.)

I was thinking…hmmmm.
with the old year/new year transition….

Dick Clark…was 2012 Father Time

replaced by

Ryan Seacrest…2013 Baby New Year

(dang, that's good.)


It's the 
first of the year, 
the first of the month…

so you know what that means…..