Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Story

3 days until 
the Ravens 
the 49'ers
in the Super Bowl


here's the real
of the Super Bowl story...

A rumored 
chicken wing shortage.
please NOooooooo

Why the wing shortage?
Well….if you really have to know. 
(humor me here)

Chicken companies have produced fewer chickens
 and apparently you need chickens to have wings.

The chicken wing shortage equation 
goes like this:

a summer drought =
 less corn produced=
 higher feed prices = 
fewer chickens= 
fewer wings =

sad chicken wing consumers x 1000000000. 


I remember "they" said the same thing last year about bacon.  
The "bacon shortage"...
turned out to be hogwash. 

I would say that
the "chicken wing shortage" story
 has the makings of a
Chicken Little (wing) 

The Sky is falling.
cluck, cluck

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