Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alabama Wins BCS Championship, Roll Tide

Alabama Fans 
have been riding high on the 
Bama Crimson Tidal Wave.  
(This Kat and PaulA included.)

We were soooo happy to see the 
Alabama Crimson Tide 
win the 
BCS Championship  
against Notre Dame….
making it back-to-back wins,
their 3rd BCS Titile in 4 years,
and Alabama's 15th Championship. 
(but who's counting?)



I love the expression "Roll Tide." 
"Roll Tide" easily rolls off the tongue 
and is fitting wherever/whenever BAMA fans meet…
as depicted in the ESPN video below.

Notre Dame's Fighting Irish Fans say  
"Go Irish"  which I admit, is a pretty good expression…
especially if you are a leprechaun.

But to hear "Go Irish"  from a 
University of Alabama Graduate and Alabama Football Fan…
you gotta ask 
"What up wit dat?"

Well….as this story goes...
in a small town eatery in Connecticut...
Mike Golic from ESPN 
managed to get Chelsea to utter 
"Go Irish." 

(say it ain't so)

First of all,
Chelsea did not know she was talking to 
Mike Golic of
(Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN) 
a veteran NFL defensive player,
who played at Notre Dame,
whose sons were playing on the ND team

I understand my daughter, 
so I know why Chelsea broke down and 
uttered those 2 words...

Chelsea will say 

Check out the video here:

(maybe we can get someone 
to dub in